About Us


PT Shields Security Solution is a company that has been in manned security since 2000 and in 2019 the operations was merged with BMOlsson Security.

The company was then offered to be a part of a global financial and insurance solution under sharia rules in 2018. The work on this project culminated in a first payment of Euro 50 billion, coordinated with the Ministry of Coordinating Economy and PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. It was endorsed by several well known and noted individuals and institutions.

Indonesia was intended as the head quarter for a global digital platform for sharia banking and insurance. It was a total investment Euro 268 billion with over 120.000 new jobs.

Something then went wrong. This web site is going to put this story out and hopefully in the end get the truth out on what actually went wrong. It is important to remember, this is not just an issue of Euro 50 billion, but clear weaknesses in global banking and cross border business.

We welcome all input and comments on what we are writing here. Everything published will be either in our ownership or available in public domain. Any conclusions on if this is all a hoax or not, as well as who is responsible for the failure, will be left to anyone that reads the developing story.