Q & A

We have tried to answer some of the hundreds of questions we have received on this matter. We can unfortunately not post or give input on your problems with vanished funds sent to Indonesia. We will answer these questions to our best ability direct to your email without posting it.

Totally we have received over 100 mails of questions and comments. Thanks for that, please let them coming. All mails are received with discretion.

Start of this long saga

Today we have posted our first request for support in getting our deal coming along. It is more or less the start of this long saga. There is a long list of cc on this document, maybe a bad idea, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. At this time we are in our belief that it was all real and we already employed 400 people to support the project.

People Behind 50 Billions Euro

The directors and signatories of the documents at the center of this alleged hoax have been posted today. These are also the people that are the suspects in the current legal proceedings ongoing in UK. The location is UK due to the fact that the alleged transaction originated from Barclays Bank in London.

Kamran Khan

The main player in this alleged hoax is Mr. Kamran Khan, a fund and asset manager, resident in Dublin with an Irish passport. It is a nice man, whom seem professional and with impressive credentials, therefore a large surprise for us that he presented us with fake documents and drawn us in to a hoax. His sudden break in communication and his refusal to mediate communication with Barclays Bank is beyond our understanding. What his motives is remains to be revealed.

Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al Faiz

As the signatory of the only documents verified by Indonesian authority, he is a key person in revealing the actual intentions with this alleged hoax. The Endorsement letter sent to Mr. Darmin Nasution, at the time the Coordinating Minister of Economy, make a full endorsement of the alleged fake Swifts and Statement letter. It also, in a professional and confident tone, make it clear that the Cresco Investment Ltd is a real and liquid player in the matter. Furthermore the letter is issued on the letter head of family Al Saud.

Communication with Bank

Our latest communication with Bank Indonesia has been posted today. To my surprise, BI has no authority nor any ability to verify or trace any foreign payments. It seems they are only collecting reports from the banks. After discussions with their support desk, it is clear that they lack the infrastructure and made clear this is the task of PPATK. This was a surprise to me since I have been directed to BI from OJK, was you will see in my future coming postings.

It is also true that we sent BI a question, on advice from Bank Mandiri in April 2019, but never received an answer.

E-mail from BI 20210112

It clarify that BI has no authority to verify swifts or transactions. BI was provided with a blue screen of the transaction.

Letter from BI 20210108

It clarify that BI has no authority to verify swifts or transactions. BI was provided with a full set of documentation including blue screen of the transaction.

Letter to BI 20201214

We here ask BI to verify that the attached documents are a hoax. It should be mentioned that BI officials has declared this transaction a hoax in media.

Letter to BI 20210111

Since the reply on our letter from 20201214 did not include any answer on the Statement of Fact with attached blues screen (from sender Y8 Ltd), we here clarified the question.